Secure your assets, deter theft, discourage unauthorized asset transfer, and keep your property intact with Tamper Evident Labels. If the label is removed, the word "Void" is left behind on the surface of your assets and the back of the label, or the label will break into pieces. Tamper Evident Labels, Tamper Proof Labels, Computer Security Labels, Void if Removed Labels, and more! Secure your assets today!


Security Labels
Specifications: Tamper evident labels by leaving a VOID white pattern on the application surface. Application: Fixed Assets, warranty void labeling of genuine products, rental equipment, tamper, and theft detection, nameplates, and more… Shear: 50 hours.


Ink Ribbons | Security Labels
Specifications: These plastic Labels are fragile destructible in tiny pieces when removal is attempted and so discouraging any unauthorized transfer to other assets. As they are impossible to remove in one piece, they protect assets from theft and tampering especially …